Thursday, March 15, 2012

Excuse of the day... GETTING OUT OF A DINNER PARTY.

"I'm so sorry, as much as we would love to attend your dinner party on Saturday, my husband and I are in the middle of a new cleansing diet."
At this point, many hosts will offer to be gracious and accommodating.
Keep adding foods to your 'offlimits' list until they become exhausted and give up.

  • Oh we're only eating eggs for the next two weeks.
  • Yeah, we just went to a nutritionist, and we're off everything but canned tuna until the middle of next month.
  • You know, because of this nasty rash, we're sticking to only beets and rice noodles until it clears up.
  • You've heard of a juice fast? This is like that only we're eating nothing but spaghetti bolognese until we each drop 10 lbs.
RED FLAG: This won't work if you hang out with vegans, gluten-free folks, macrobiotic dieters, or the ones who only eat food that is grown biodynamically.

Good Luck!

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